Credit Solutions

Below are some helpful credit tips and tricks

When it comes to credit tips and tricks adding a tradeline, disputing and removing credit information and adding positive credit history.


A "tradeline" is the credit industry's term for an account on a credit report. Credit card accounts, personal loans, and mortgages are all examples of a tradeline that would appear on a credit report. Tradelines play a key role in determining an individual's credit score. Adding a tradeline to your credit report will help increase your score. Below is a link to purchase exclusive list of tradeline websites!

Disputing Credit

You can dispute credit report errors by gathering documentation about the error and sending a letter to the credit bureau that created the report. All three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, have an online dispute process, which is often the fastest way to fix a problem. Under my products page I offer you access to dispute letters. If you need someone to assist in your credit restoration needs check out the Additional credit solutions Link Below

Adding Positive Credit

Another way to add positive credit to your credit report is to do positive things with your credit. Below is some free helpful tips to add positive credit! 

  1. Add a secured credit card use companies such as capitol one, discover, and greendot offer secured cards to add positive credit!

  2. Credit builders;, and will also help adding positive credit!

  3. Use a site such as and to report your rent or mortgage payments as positive history!